Sharnelle McLean


Sharnelle McLean, is an artist, musician, producer, composer, poet and spoken word artist.


Originally from a Gospel background, her passion for singing, playing the piano and sharing the Gospel through music, was birthed. Her creativity in presenting her message of hope, peace, self-worth and self-love, is established through the genres of: Film music, Orchestral music, Contemporary vocal music, Pop, Gospel, Soul, RnB and Dance music.


With her unique artistic style of combining poetry with music, she brings her audience on a visual journey through the emotions and rollercoasters of the human life. Focusing on contemporary issues, she inspires, encourages and educates her audience, on what steps to take to change their life, perceptions and situations.

She released her first EP titled Resurrection EP in 2017 and is currently working on her first Album that is due to be released later this year.

Sharnelle McLean


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Music Producer


Music Producer


Sharnelle McLean has been producing music since the age of 16. Her tracks have been used by Churches, singers and spoken word artists.


After closely analysing and studying different genres of music, such as: Pop, RnB, Gospel, Film, orchestral, Classical, Afrobeats, Dancehall and many more, she has turned her music production skills into a business called BeatzbySharn, which will be launched later this year.   

BeatzbySharn will provide high quality tracks to the public, for an affordable price. Customers will be able to buy tracks from the website, or they can request for a personalised track to be produced for them.

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High quality, affordable price