"Throughout the years of bulling, depression and finding myself as a woman, music has always been my secret place, ."

-Sharnelle McLean

Sharnelle - Little Girl

Sharnelle McLean is a 26 year old diverse Singer/Songwriter, Composer and Producer from London. She combines her R&B vocals and poetic lyrics, with Gospel, Pop, Hip-Hop and Orchestral music.


At the age of 16, Sharnelle McLean started writing, composing and producing music that incorporated the genres of Pop, Orchestral and Hip Hop. She became inspired to combine these styles together to create a signature sound after being introduced to the works of Hans Zimmer.


Inspired by the works of Hans Zimmer, Robert Glasper and Common, Sharnelle became captivated with the idea that music can set the scene of a story, and take the listener on a journey. She began to experiment with a variety of musical ideas by blending Hip-Hop and R&B drum beats, with an orchestral accompaniment, and later began to compose music for orchestral instruments and choirs.

In 2017, Sharnelle McLean released her debut EP 'Resurrection', which consists of four songs, The Beginning, Proverbs 4:23, No Man's Victim and You Ain't Seen the Best of Me. The EP has a Pop, Orchestral sound. 


On 18th March 2022, Sharnelle released her single 'Your Crown'. On 9th April 2022, Sharnelle released her latest single 'Little Girl'.

On 23rd April 2022, she launched her new Gospel EP titled, Beyond the Shell, with her live band in Wembley. at the Church of God of Prophecy. She wrote, composed and produced the EP that features the styles of Gospel, Pop and Rock, and features a Violin and Cello. 

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UK Christian Artist Sharnelle McLean just dropped her latest release “Your Crown” and we are loving it. Such a chilled song with a lot of strength and meaning.

~ Gospel Hydration


Sharnelle McLean has released her single ‘Little Girl’ infusing the sound of pop and indie-pop to create this fantastic piece. As soon as you hit play, you’re immersed into this stunning sound that Sharnelle continues to push through. Making sure to grab your attention from the moment it begins, ensuring to let it all come together to create this excellent piece.


~ Strike a note


The composition 'Little Girl' unfolds in the original arrangement where the instrumentation is rich and rhythmic.

~ Indie Dock Music blog


One of the most artistic soulstresses of her generation, Sharnelle McLean, is back on uplifting form in her consolingly resounding latest single, Little Girl. Instead of just leaning into one genre, the inexplicably talented London-based singer-songwriter, composer and producer melded RnB, poetry, gospel, pop, hip hop and orchestral sounds under the influence of Hans Zimmer’s style to achieve her achingly stunning sonic palette.

~ A&R Factory


Titled “Little Girl“, the single takes on a more delicate emotion, as if it’s a heartfelt talk between a mother and her daughter. At the same time the song boasts with immense power, especially in the chorus which has a slight hint of tribal feeling to it.  Speaking of heartfelt talks, this is a song about handling the challenges that come with being a woman, and was born as a letter to the artist’s younger self.

~ Jpgchief


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